Daycare Adventures



Preparing Your Child for Daycare

All children must experience many first-time events, meeting their mom, dad and meeting the family, these are a few of the exceedingly early expense that occur in a child’s life. After some time, their maybe other experience in their life that is almost as important as meeting their family for the first time and that is going to daycare, after all, your child will be spending a large almost of their day with people that they are just meeting. Therefore, it is important that parents take time to choose the right age-appropriate daycare that meets their child’s developmental needs.

Preparing your child for daycare is the best thing parents can do to help their child deal with a major transition from being at home to being in a daycare. Many times, this is your child’s first time being away from their family for extended amounts of time. For most children this will be the first they will be in a classroom learning environment along with many children their age.

Daycare Adventures is a read with me story the helps parents get their child prepared for daycare. This book will help your child have a positive learning experience. Many times, children are afraid and cry on the first few days of daycare. Daycare Adventures can help parents start the conversation with their child on the daily practice of daycare. Daycare Adventures will help children learn about meeting other children, it will help your child learn their numbers and colors. Reading this book to your child before and during daycare will remine your child that you will come back and pick the up at the end of daycare.


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